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Hunting Child Predators Is Our Sport!

Who We Are

We are a Nonprofit organization of professionally trained individuals located out of Jacksonville, FL. Our goal is to hunt down your local Sex Traffickers, Child Predators, Pedophiles, Scammers, and Bad people from all around our great country. All  the information we gather is turned over to that subjects local authorities or the FBI if that district accepts it. If you are a victim of these crimes and are looking to get help we will guide you to some nonprofits out here just for that. If you are being victimized we highly recommend calling 911, but if you are afraid to call 911 for any reason and don't want the police involved you're more than welcome to send us a contact form with information needed for who, what, when, and where we will make use of that information to the proper people. We love and support our Veterans and Active Duty Military! Waits List Inc., Represents All  The JiuJitsu and MMA Community. Our Supporters Are Located Throughout The World.


Sexually Explicit Language And Content.
All New Subscribers are Vetted to Make Sure No Known Subject is On Our Forms 

Nathan Waits



Ex Pro fighter with over a decade of training in JiuJitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Boxing, MMA, and Weapons Defense. Retired military member with no sympathy for evil. 


You've Been Listed 


Professionally Trained Killers That Fight For The Righteous

Midsouth Crew






Location Of Operations

United States & Australia

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