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Timothy M. McKain Jacksonville, FL Alleged Scam with JSO backing the scammers.

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Judges Words below before JSO treaded on our 1st amendment right. Resulting in a permanent injury to a Ret. Disabled Veteran. Unlawful arrest resulting in serious bodily harm by JSO Officer Valerio #7297. Unlawful report made by JSO Officer K.W. Nash #79301

Once our Civil Rights Lawsuit is over, we will identify any individual that signed off on an unlawful warrant. Then we will move on to the ones that gave JSO the bait.

If you have any photos of these JSO tyrants you’re more than welcome to send them our way so we can warn the community!

All That Are Involved With This Scam

Timothy McKain (Driver)

National General ( An Allstate Company )

Joseph Kouveras ( Claims Manager )

Charity Hopkins ( Claims Department )

Melinda Marie Johnson ( police report against our 1st. and policy holder)

Good evening,

I would like to introduce Timothy McKain to the Jacksonville community. Things Tim McKain likes to do during his leisure time is take long drives in the Jacksonville rain. During these long drives Tim Mckain loves making sure the county has plenty of work keeping up with Tim McKains' traffic sitations every year. On top of being a bad driver Timothy McKain enjoys following to close behind others and when he realizes that he can't stop in time Timothy McKain likes to swerve into other peoples lanes and hitting other peoples cars. Timothy was a quiet one but not a real one because real ones don't do cowardly things. Timothy likes to fabricate his story to his insurance company National General owned by Allstate with the claims manager being Joseph Kouveras, and claims department Charity Hopkins. Not only did Tim McKain fabricate his statement Charity Hopkins under Joseph Kouveras helped write it up knowing that it was a lie. This is a criminal act that should result in jail time. The employee under Joseph Kouveras, Charity Hopkins, also told me that they were paying 100% of the damage their client caused to my car but after putting my car in the shop when I went to pick it up the claims department never paid. After calling, the claims department stated that they were only paying 70% "because it was partly my fault Timothy McKain likes to drive to close behind others?" and then began to tell me that they didn't have to tell me. Timothy McKain, Charity Hopkins, and Joseph Kouveras know about this scam that they all helped and falsified a legal document.

Now that we got that cleared up... All the evidence is posted below with Timothy McKain and the vehicle he committed this crime in.

A little about me, the man they scammed. I am the nicest man you could come by unless you are a bad or evil person. If say a bad or evil person were to cross me I'm not so nice anymore. Lets put this out first, I will not physically harm any innocent, bad, or evil animals and yes we are animals unless protecting myself or others. I will in fact make an amazing review and hit you in small claims. If I ever wanted to physically hurt someone I'm not stupid enough to post that online.

Because of this post the cops were called because people were scared smh... then don't be a scam people?

Because of this post the cops were called and I was served with a Stalking injunction lol oh boy the ignorance is strong!

This is a permanent personal review post. It’s here to stay for the safety of our community.

It’s our 1st amendment right to post photos of the vehicle and tag being in public, public accessible photo, and public information. We will not post private information or any other information needed to further harm anyone.

For the Insurance company, if any LEO’s show up to anything other than my private residence you will be sued. So you should probably get my address fixed eventually.

If my 1st Amendment Right is infringed upon what so ever because of ANY employees that represent/represented this National General ( An Allstate Company ) will be sued.

Only 70% of the damage paid… 30% left and $0 paid towards my $400 rental car. The woman below fraudulently stole over $1,000 from an outstanding citizen. Now try and tread on my 1st amendment right… I dare you and your company!

Charity Renee Hopkins committed felon grand theft with the Help of Allstate insurance company.

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