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Jax Beach LEO's & JSO are responsible for the kidnapping of a child. News4Jax is hiding it.

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Jesse Hammersla in one of the videos below along with a photo of the LEO that allowed jesse to walk away, after turning the information over during the interaction between WaitsList and Jesse Hammersla Jan. 2021. An Amber Alert went out Thursday Oct 20. 2022 and Jesse Hammersla, age 27 was named for being the suspect of a child gone missing in Columbia County, FL. Jesse had been exposed multiple time in Duval County for actively searching for children in Only Teen chat groups but the ICAC Task Force does nothing.

News 4 Jax will not cover the real story after they had requested an interview with me, President of WaitsList, and all documentation was turned over to News 4 Jax. We personally believe News 4 Jax is scared to show the real JSO that the public can't see unless you're involved as we are. Good thing I'm not scared to out ANYONE. I also exposed a Clay County school cop by the name Allen Reese, the video of that will also be below. Every since exposing the school cop I personally had received multiple threatening phone calls from Law Enforcement, JSO would sit outside my house, JSO Illegally Baker Acted me and the JSO Unlawfully arrested me for using my 1st Amendment Right on exposing a scam Timothy M. McKain. There was an indictment due to the scammers calling JSO and wanting the true review removed off our exposed list on the site. After seeing the judge grill Timothy McKain's significant other Melinda Marie Johnson for trying to step on our 1st Amendment Right and throwing the case out I thought JSO would be smart enough to be what they swore to be. 2 weeks later JSO Officer Valerio #7297 had an Unlawful pending warrant signed for our 1st Amendment right and illegally detained me. JSO Officer Valerio #7297 had to call for an on duty escort to transfer me to the jail. I had told this tyrant about my injuries to my neck and left arm before ever putting handcuffs on me. During the transfer, to the on duty officer, Valerio did not like that my left arm does not go back as far as a normal human without the injuries I obtained while serving this country. JSO Officer Valerio #7297 yanked my left arm very aggressively and permanently injured and inflamed my past injury. After this tyrannical act I am no longer able to grip with any of my fingers, play guitar, surf, hold mitts when I coach, no longer fight again, clip my right hand fingernails, open any packages... you get the gist. This IS JSO and News 4 Jax for the community to see. Yes I have a Civil Rights Case coming against the state of Florida for this tyranny. And I have the best Attorney anyone could possibly ask for in this case. Watch the videos and pictures below and make your own opinion on who you think is your real protector!

Check out the link to News 4 Jax

Now watch the real story

This is a photo of the Jax Beach Officer that allowed Jesse Hammersla to walk away

A video Confronting Jax Beach Police about who they are protecting

Video of the confrontation between Waits List Inc., and Jesse Hammersla

Allen Reese Clay County School Cop

Photos of the conversation between News 4 Jax and I

Thank you for reading the real news! Please copy the link and share to the community! You all have the right to know and the parents have the right to know who is also at fault for this Terrible incident and our condolences go out to you! We can also direct you to any help that you or your child may need.

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