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Meet Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno

As many know I am one of Ft. Myers Beach Originals that grew up on the Island. Growing up on the Island was great except the tyrannical LEO's always harassing us as children. Life was great until these uniforms came around and had their power trips. Now that we, the originals are older we look at life a little differently but somethings never change! As the founder of Waits List Inc., we had exposed many child predators in Lee County in the recent years. This brought attention to our organization from Lee County Sheriffs Department and was asked to not preform any actions in their county and that any subjects we turned over to them would be dealt with legally by this district... we gave them a try and turned over countless amounts of child predators that are actively seeking children in their district. What might you ask happened, nothing they are all still roaming the streets in Ft. Myers. I bring attention to this tyrant for TRYING to kick all homeowners off of Ft. Myers Beach that are trying to save ny and all memories on the land they pay property taxes on! Now you have made our page and Waits List Inc., will no longer tolerate ANY and ALL Tyrannical acts against outstanding citizens.

Smile Cutie... You made our list and it's been a long time coming.

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